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Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust

Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust Celebrates its 5th Birthday!

Today, Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust celebrates its fifth anniversary! The Trust was established in March 2018 by its two founding primary schools, Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School and Pudsey Waterloo Primary School, with the aim of developing a collaborative approach to school improvement, and a commitment to preserving the unique identity of any schools that join.


In the last 5 years, Owlcotes has gone from strength to strength. The Trust has grown in size, welcoming Calverley Parkside Primary School into the Trust in November 2018 and Armley Park Primary School in December 2019, and we are looking forward to welcoming other schools in the near future. Owlcotes works closely with Leeds Local Authority, with the Leeds Teaching School Hub and with the Noctua Teaching Alliance. Owlcotes also works with schools outside the Trust, offering school improvement support, a coaching programme 'ElevatED', and initial teacher training through the School Direct route into teaching. 


Lesley West, Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust CEO, said: "I am delighted to be the CEO of the Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust and I'm proud of our achievements since we established the Trust in March 2018.


Owlcotes was set up with a genuine desire to provide an excellent education for all pupils. Collaboration is at the heart of our Trust; each school is an equal partner and our dedicated staff are committed to providing an inclusive and ambitious curriculum for all of our pupils.


There is an emphasis on developing collaborative learning communities and networks across our Trust in order to continue to develop good practice within our philosophy of 'Working Together to Achieve Excellence'.


We firmly believe in schools having their own individuality. This perservation of unique identity enables our schools to focus on the key priorities of teaching and learning that are specific to their own school and communities.


Today is a time for celebration. I am hugely proud of what we have achieved so far and would like to thank everyone involved with Owlcotes for their contribution to our continuing success."


Owlcotes' fifth anniversary will be marked by the Trust providing a 'fifth brithday' fund for each school to spend on developing its library and reading offer in line with the 'Every Child a Reader' inititative. The fund will be hand delivered by the CEO to each school - check out the Owlcotes Twitter page for more updates!