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Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust

Aims and Values



Working Together to Achieve Excellence


Aims of Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust are:

  • For all schools in the Trust to be inclusive, high achieving schools with their own identity sharing a strong common purpose to provide an excellent education for all pupils.
  • To inspire innovation, creativity and aspiration through an enriched curriculum with a focus on improving outcomes and life chances for children in the local area.
  • To ensure collaboration is at the heart of the Trust, building on the model of the strong and successful collaboration that already exists between the two founding schools.


Key Values of Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust are:

  • To build a strong network of academies, working collaboratively to provide excellent teaching and learning and curriculum opportunities.
  • To maintain and establish excellent schools in local communities so that all schools within the Trust are good or better according to Ofsted criteria.
  • To keep learning, attainment and progress at the heart of each school and developing a shared accountability for the outcomes of all children within the Trust.
  • To focus on making teaching as good as it can be, sharing best practice through a range of CPD opportunities.
  • To develop people by attracting and retaining excellent staff, offering promotion within the Trust so that quality staff are retained.
  • To ensure good value for money, making the most effective use of resources and staffing.