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Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust

Schemes To Support Remote Learning

There are a number of initiatives on offer to support remote learning for the families of children who are not attending school and struggle to access broadband, or have no broadband connection at all. 


The Government has introduced a scheme in collaboration with some mobile phone networks to allow parents/carers who do not have access to broadband and whose children are not attending school to apply for a temporary increase to their mobile phone data allowance, in order to support their child's online remote learning. 


Parents/carers may also be applicable for BT's scheme to provide free Wi-Fi vouchers to families who have no broadband connection or very poor broadband connectivity. To find out if you are applicable for this scheme, please provide the name of the school that your child attends and your postcode in the section at the end of the Google Form below. Your school will check whether your postcode is in an area of BT Wi-Fi connectivity and apply for a free Wi-Fi voucher on your behalf. It is not guaranteed that your application to this scheme will be successful as BT are offered a limited number of vouchers per school. If you are successful, your school will be in contact. 


If parent/carers of children on roll at Owlcotes school who are not currently attending feel that they meet any of the criteria detailed above, please fill in the Google Form below and your school will make an application for the scheme that you have applied for on your behalf.